Searching for prefabricated structures? Fab Structure

When was the last time you saw a big bridge being constructed wholly on-site? Maybe long ago. The tedious, often annoying, method of construction has now almost been completely replaced by prefabricated structures. The need to do it quick, sleek and without taking much space has forced people to look for alternative mode of constructions. Prefabrication is one of them. But the use of prefabricated structures in not limited to big bridges only. Nowadays they are being used in small constructions.

Prefabrication is a process in which a big structure is disunited into smaller ones and each unit is manufactured at different locations. Once designed they are transported, either wholly assembled or partially assembled, to its destination.

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Searching for a new roof? Go for polycarbonate roofing structures

When it comes to covering your head with a roof, many options approach to the mind. They could be concrete roofs, metal roofs, corrugated roofs, plastic roofs or they could be polycarbonate roofs. Surprised at the enclosure of the last word? You need not. Made from polymers these polycarbonate roofing structures are not just easy and quick to install but also provide amazing aesthetics.

Polycarbonates start their journey from distillation of hydrocarbons which breaks them into fractions. These fractions are made to undergo various chemical processes like polymerization to manufacture polycarbonates. These are amorphous thermoplastics possessing varied degree of translucency.

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Retractable tensile structure roofs: Need, design and benefit

You went to watch your favorite match and the rain ruined the play. Wouldn’t you be frustrated? I would be if I were you. It seems a bit unfair. You took all the trouble to go and watch the game but the rains played spoilsport. It might have been one such instance that prompted the invention of retractable tensile structure roofs.

As the name suggests, they can be opened and closed at will unlike the traditional concrete slabs that just stays there. Originally designed to ward off rains over a sporting arena, they soon widened in use and found their place in common homes as well.

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When the weather is fine and you feel like peeking out, is it not a smart conception to have your roof designed in such a way that it can be opened and closed at your will? Retractable roof structure does exactly that. Made from flexible materials like plastics, fibers and their derivatives like nylon, vinyl etc. the roofs are designed to exceptionally flexible in operation. They can be designed as awnings or as sheds. In any case they behave like screens over windows allowing sunlight to pass as per your need.

Design and benefits

There’s no dearth of variety, when it comes to designing a retractable tensile structure roof. While many prefer to go with usual standard designs, many customers look to improvise. After all what good is an innovation if it can’t satiate your thirst for customization? But it’s not just design part which is of essence here. These structures are also very rich when it comes to benefits that they bring to a customer. Two of the most important are these. One, they are highly cost effective. Right from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing process, retractable tensile structure always keeps a tight leash on your pocket. Two, easy installation. Just like other tensile structures, they are very easy to install and maintain.

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